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How To Purchase Event Tickets

Purchasing Event Tickets Is Easy!

Follow these instructions for your experience!


Head to the event page and click "RSVP".


Select your ticket type and quantity.


OPTIONAL: Add a donation to FCVCI in any amount.


Click "Select" and fill out your information on the next page.


Under 'Summary,' you have the opportunity to donate to Zeffy, our event ticket platform host.


Donating to them is OPTIONAL.

If you do NOT want to donate to them, select "Other" and put "0" into the box.


REVIEW your purchase and enter your payment information.

*Payment can be taken as a Direct Bank Transfer (ACH) or through a Credit/Debit Card.


You're done!

Your e-Ticket and receipt will be emailed to the email you put in your contact information.

*If you donated additionally, a donation receipt will be sent as well.



Zeffy is the only zero-fee fundraising software for nonprofits.


Instead of having our members pay a percentage on top of their purchases, Zeffy allows us to fundraise and sell tickets without the hassle of fees, both on the end-user and back end of the transactions.

To learn more about Zeffy and how it could change the way your organization fundraises, visit their website today and get started on paying no fees!

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